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20 april 2003

not that much to tell, really. My favorite parts of holidays are usually the historical roots of them; I like to think of all the ways that different people have celebrated spring fertility and rebirth festivals through time, and consider Easter (which name, by the way, seems to have come from the name of a Celtic? goddess whose festival used to be held around this time) in light of these. I have always liked the story of the women finding the empty tomb, though; it's such a happy story.

My mother tried for a while to get our family to church (methodist) during us kids' formative years, which kind of worked for a while, but then one by one our favorite pastors were transferred elsewhere, and it wasn't the same.

this isn't working. partly i've left it till i'm too tired again, and partly it just doesn't work for me to say "i will now speak of x" because the effect is the same as when someone asks me what my favorite x is: my mind goes completely blank and i can form no coherent answer whatever.

still, the joys of colored eggs remain. happy easter, where applicable.

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