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15 september 2005 thursday

By the way, in case you were assuming that reconstruction work would at least help out some of those people who got wiped out and need jobs, the reconstruction contracts I alluded to yesterday also allow the contractors to pay less than the prevailing wages to the workers they hire.

They're also working on waiving nuisances like environmental rules. Never mind that wetlands destruction contributed to the magnitude of this whole problem.

I suppose I'm not adding much here to Echidne's post that I linked to, there. It's just so frustrating to think that there are still people, after all this, who approve of the job Bush is doing, that I can't help repeating, even though I feel like someone who's trying to communicate with a deaf or non-English-speaking person by simply talking louder: "bush is incompetent and wrong!" "what?" "Bush Is Incompetent And Wrong!" "No he's not." "BUSH IS INCOMPETENT AND WRONG!"

Actually I just reminded myself of the Black Knight skit in Holy Grail. "You're arm's off!" "No it isn't." "The administration is full of incompetents!" "No it's not!"


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