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This page may look like it's for you (and it is, unless you're allergic to all-lowercase), but it's really my alternative to bookmarking.

journal archives index

- - - my scribblings - - -
the main table of all my contents: so many embryonic plans, so little time set aside.
my dvd archive
a work in progress. last updated tuesday 11 february.
the looking glass
old pages never die, at least not those made by packrats. includes notes from oct 2000 - aug 2001.

- - - my people - - -
(at least, those who have webpages; my age group went through college just before the web got going)

azucar en chile
fool's gold
paly's angel
special agency

the black stripe
photos among friends.
the median strip
the old version: fireside tales and other animals.
the ex-network
there seems to be a new version.
...oops, i think it's dormant now too.

- - - other people/projects - - -

christopher baldwin (bruno)
biiwii, also here
david delong
eve online (i am a member of eve university)
fabletown (forum for discussion of the "Fables" comic)
neil gaiman
girl genius
girl's gone child
go fug yourself
kung fu monkey
making light
pandagon (formerly here)
pvp online
rob rummel-hudson
scary go round
stonekettle station
talking points memo
tomato nation
wil wheaton (also/previously here)

- - - shopping - - -

blogs, and/or sites selling lots of different wares

cool mom picks
smashing darling

clothing, accessories

busted tees
design by humans
dirty microbe
karin grow
louise hedley / a darlington original
littleput books
swank creations
shirt.woot! (and

art, decor, housewares, giftwrap

althaea soaps & herbals
green chair press
karin grow
littleput books
poppy cotton
reusable bags
jenna rose

kid stuff

louise hedley / a darlington original
reusable bags

- - - otherly interesting - - -

want to learn, or just learn about, tolkien's invented languages? this is the place.

behind the name
focuses on the history/etymology of first names, but many last names can be found here too. weighted european, but african, arabic, asian, hebrew names appear also.

you design a book (using free software you download from them), and (for a price of course) they print it for you. the examples on their site look very pretty. knowledge of this may in time prove extremely dangerous to my wallet.

chinese zodiac
A relatively in-depth site about Chinese astrology, which seems to be written by actual Chinese people. (I'm a rat, or as this site calls it, mouse, specifically a water-mouse with rabbit ascendant.)

interesting, if incomplete, info on gardening in southern california.
garden california
This one's calendar has all the months in it.

encyclopedia of arda
aiming to be a massive index/glossary of all of tolkien's writings. pull this up while reading the silmarillion to help you keep all the names straight.

encyclopedia of life
fish! trees! bugs! and everything else (when it's done). free!

europe for visitors
This looks like a promising, informative site that I want to read further. Seems to cover all of Europe, with extra bonus detail on Venice, Switzerland, and Austria.

guardian international currency
has some handy maps that take you to individual country pages with basic info about each currency that the company deals in, including images, and whether there are import/export restrictions, and whether other currencies are accepted in the country.

healthy toys dot org
mind if your baby chews on a toy with lead (and/or arsenic, antimony, bromine, cadmium, mercury, PVC) in it? you would? me too. a database of results on toys they have tested, although not exhaustive as yet.

dan heller photography
website of a professional photographer who has interesting and useful words for anyone who is thinking of getting into the photography business.

an inflation calculator

travel information for women (such as what you should wear where).

kcrw (npr santa monica)
kpcc (npr pasadena)
national public radio. why settle for less?
bird's eye satellite views angled north/south/east/west. why let big brother have all the fun?

mahjong solitaire
very very dangerous. (also this one, 'ware popups)
a helpful guide to traveling light.

open secrets
follow the money.

a local's guide to san francisco
the neighborhood guide is particularly useful, with a map and some photo tours. i love san francisco.

seed savers exchange
collectors, preservers, and sellers of heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.

how's that traffic on the l.a. freeways today, right this moment?

urban legends reference, including oft-forwarded emails like that one about the female marine offering to kick the french soldier's butt (survey says: false).
playing with basic charts is free. it's rather interesting.

ever wondered whether the elevation of your home is high enough to save you from rising sea levels? find out by consulting the maps here.

torrance history &c.
city historical society page with links to other info about my town.

what's that bug?

oodles of helpful, friendly, informal info about screenwriting (for hollywood), by the writers of (among other things) aladdin, shrek, and pirates of the caribbean.

yosemite sites
yosemite fun
unofficial sites with useful information about yosemite national park.

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