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22 april 2003

hah. no June-gloom yet, nosireebob.

happy Earth Day!

A while ago, I got a "learn about your friends" email from a couple of people. I don't usually deal with email forwards, but this idea I like. And, isn't that sort of what I'm doing here, anyway? So. The two sets of questions were different; the following is the sum of both.


IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? It would be a structure part castle and part hobbit-hole (built partly into the ground), solar and/or wind-powered as far as practical, on/in a hill not too far from a very reliable water source on arable land. The idea is to be as completely self-sufficient as possible. It would be nice if this rural hideaway didn't take me TOO far from civilization, but the way civilization is growing, that won't be an issue. It would probably be somewhere in central California (within range of both LA and SF), or northern CA if necessary for the water.

This would not be my only home; if I had the means to build something like that, I'd also have condos in the most interesting (not in the Chinese-proverbial sense) areas of several cities (LA, SF, Boston, NY, London) within walking/public-transit distance of everything (not counting LA).

also, we will never sell my grandparents' house if I have anything to say about it.

WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? Daylight Savings took me back to 6:00 am, but I'm working my way earlier, slowly. Today my alarm went off at 5:45 but I didn't get up until 5:55. All this is much easier now that it's light in the mornings again. That's the key.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? hmmmm. right this moment, I choose my purple-lattice-patterned tan knee-length dress, a newish item in which I feel quite sexy. This answer will change from moment to moment. My favorite no-longer-wearable item is a pink flowerprint calf-length dress that my grandmother made for me, which therefore fit perfectly. I wore it a lot during college, to the point that the shoulders are sun-bleached, and a few years ago it ripped (fabric, not seam) behind my left shoulder. I'm keeping it forever, folded up on a closet shelf, though it's not fixable.

IF YOU COULD EAT LUNCH WITH ONE FAMOUS PERSON, WHO WOULD IT BE? Lunch is no fun, I'd be paranoid about spilling something or talking with my mouth full. If I'm interested enough to want to know them, I'd rather just hang out on a park bench or in a cozy coffeehouse or something and talk, or do something fun like play pool (in a place where conversation is possible). even though spontaneous conversation is not my best skill.

yes, i know i didn't answer the question. next.


GOLD OR SILVER? Gold. Sun-child L.A. Leo, baby. Though, I am tempted to answer "mithril".

WHAT'S THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? "Celtic Crescent" by Emerald Rose, who played at's Oscar party.

WHAT WAS THE LAST FILM YOU SAW AT THE CINEMA? Chicago (finally, right before the Oscars).

WHERE'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? In a cozy group of family or old friends. I guess that's not really a place, so: in a high place with a very long interesting view, like a hill or cliff top, or atop a tall building, somewhere where I can see a lot going on, like the Empire State Building. Or, dancing to a beautiful beat.

WHERE'S YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? An ugly flourescent-lit room with no windows, if it's not a dance club or a library/museum.

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Buffy, when it was good. I wasn't actually watching it yet then, but let us not quibble in this age of DVDs.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? Most common lately: frozen toaster whole-grain waffles, fake-bacon (microwaved), nonfat milk as main beverage, banana, orange juice, vitamins. I can't eat a banana without orange juice. Usually just not-butter on the waffles, rarely syrup too.

To be continued.

copyright 2003 carrie lynn king. unknown passenger.