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23 april 2003

Continued from yesterday:

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE MASSAGED? Hard to choose, but neck/shoulders I guess.

WHAT WOULD YOU HATE TO BE LEFT IN A ROOM WITH? Dangerous insect(s) or other critter(s), though there are plenty of non-dangerous ones like cockroaches that I'd rather not keep company with either, especially after that X-Files episode.

WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT, STRONG IN MIND OR STRONG IN BODY? Mind, though the complete lack of either one or the other in someone makes me sad.

CAN YOU TOUCH YOUR NOSE WITH YOUR TONGUE? No, but I can get as far as riiiiight underneath it, at the top of whatever that upper-lip-dimple is called. ...ow.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? Refrigerator/freezer (is that the right sort of answer? Mixer, or carrot peeler, if not).

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? "Truth, beauty, freedom, and above all love." When people choose to do good, unselfishly. Just stopping for a moment, wherever I happen to be, and looking at all the details in the world around me. Roses smell gorgeous.

WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY? People who don't care how their actions or inactions affect others. Dishonesty, greed, meanness. People who do not think. Hypocrisy.

WHAT'S YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Lynn. My mom just picked it because she liked it. "Carrie" was my dad's great-aunt.

My mom was not amused when Stephen King's "Carrie" came out when I was a couple of years old.

IF YOU COULD PLAY ANY INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would like to be a good singer. Being able to play something portable, like fiddle or guitar, might also be nice. Piano? Not portable.

PREFER BEACH, CITY, OR COUNTRY LIFE? A combination of all the above, accessible according to my mood. If I were forced to pick only one, ... beach, on the fringes of city near country. heh.

FAVORITE COLOR? also somewhat mood-related, but I guess I have to say PURPLE.

SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer. I love snow -- if I'm just visiting.

To be continued.

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