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17 september 2003 wednesday

The thing about a small camera that I can wear on a strap round my neck is that I am liable to take pictures of things that I normally wouldn't. Such as the path of my morning commute.

I heard on the radio the other week that the average American commute is 26 minutes each way. My daily commute, since moving back with the parents, is about twice that. Congratulations to whoever is balancing me out.

sbc billboard 

This billboard is more a part of my evening commute, but it's too dark to photograph then. I'm used to seeing billboards in Spanish in certain areas of town, but this is the first Chinese billboard I remember seeing around here (assuming it's Chinese, though I know other languages use Chinese characters). Interesting.

traveling through the 
bottom level of the 110-105 interchange, concrete ramps swooping above in 
several directions.

I like the 110-105 interchange because it looks like how people in the mid-20th century imagined the future. They were at least right about this interchange. Four levels of swooping concrete ramps in all directions, with the Metro Green Line train running through the middle (down the center of the 105 -- not pictured, above and behind).

It is possible that I might have been taking these pictures and driving my car at the same time. That would be a very unwise thing to do.

I was stopped at a light for the billboard one, at least.

under the 
carpool lanes.

I'm curious what that... thing... is, parked on the overpass above the Vernon Ave sign. It's some kind of construction equipment, but hard to tell what exactly. It's been parked there every morning for several days at least.

Most of the journey is not overhung by various ramps and carpool lanes, but those do make for more dramatic pictures.

to the right, the 
marquee of the los angeles coliseum, home of two olympic games.

Emerging from the carpool canyon, we come upon the sign for the Los Angeles Coliseum, home to the 1932 and 1984 Olympics. The Coliseum itself is off to the left somewhere (not pictured).

partly obscured blue and 
yellow tent(s).

Shortly after, I passed the Cirque du Soleil tents. Hard to photograph because trees, buildings, and traffic kept threatening to get in the way. I had to just hold the camera off to the side and snap a couple shots, as I couldn't look in that direction and drive at the same time.

partly obscured blue and 
yellow tent(s), crooked.

I think I aimed pretty well, all things considered. I will be taking real photos of those tents some weekend soon, from ground level.

That will do for now.

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