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23 january 2006 monday

Have you met the cold virus that is sweeping the nation (or at least my social circles of Southern California)? I have. My immune system has become intimately acquainted with it during the past week, and has finally emerged dominant, though still with some residual coughing and stuffiness. Drink your orange juice and wash your hands and don't let your coworkers sneeze on you. This one is bad.

Where was I? Gardens. Broccoli is up, lettuce is up, spinach is up, poppies out front are up. Still waiting on the carrots and onions, which are due by next weekend. Something ate half a leaflet of one of my broccoli already. At least it didn't eat the whole thing. But the most obvious garden task ahead of me for this weekend will be: weeding! Because there was plenty of grass (ryegrass?) in that space just previously, and it left plenty of seeds, who are enjoying the semi-regular waterings just as much as the intended beneficiaries. At least it's not bermuda grass.

On the topic of cats, it seems increasingly likely that there will be a Kitten Batch C, and it shall arrive ... [pause to look up gestation period of cats] ... 63-65 days after MLK weekend. Just an informed guess.

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